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Demographics of India

Demographics of India

With almost 1.3 billion people (17.5% of the world's population), half of them under the age of 25, India is second only to China. By 2025, or even before, it will occupy the first place. If China has more or less controlled its demographic development (the one-child policy maintained until 2016), India does not follow the same. Since 1951, the growth rate has fluctuated between 21 and 25%, from 360 million to 1.260 billion. India focuses on education and relies on family planning campaigns to slowly reduce the birth rate. The country faces the challenge of feeding, educating and housing a very large number of children.

Disproportional Ratio of women

Alarming Figures: for every 1000 male births, there are only 930 women. 40 million Indians will never find a partner.

At marriage, a girl leaves her family to live in her husband's home. To this is added the payment of a dowry, for the benefit of the family of the groom. A boy ensures the continuity of the home and his income directly benefits his family.

As a result, historically, Indians preferred to give birth to boys. Infanticide at birth, maltreatment against girls, and the imbalance is not new to Indian society.

The arrival of ultrasound has exacerbated the phenomenon: abortion has spread among the wealthier social classes. Prohibited since 1994, prenatal examinations to determine the sex of the fetus and abortions are unfortunately still practiced.

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