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Travel in India

Travel in India

Traveling in India remains a surprising adventure. In town: unavoidable "tuk tuk". The three-wheeled vehicle in India (it could be called emblematic!), remains the simplest, least expensive and often the fastest way to travel in the city centers with narrow and crowded lanes. Specific to India: intensive use of the horn ... But the road network develops each year, improving the conditions of transport.

Traveling by car

Moving on Indian roads remains incomprehensible domain for a western. Conduct can be summed up as follows: everyone rolls in the middle, one avoids at the last moment by the left, all copiously watered with imperious blows of horn. Priority is about weight and speed. In order: buses, trucks, cars, motorized two-wheelers, bicycles and finally pedestrians. Not to forget the cows, indolent but sure in their right. The whole gives an anarchic set (in particular at the approach of the crossroads) which surprisingly remains rather fluid (except when approaching the crossroads). An experience not to be missed!

In the towns

Delhi boasts of a new metro system that connects Connaught Place from all corner of the town: the center of famous, big stores and luxury chains.

The rest of the time, do not hesitate to use the services of the scooters (touk touk). An electrical version is beginning to spread in some agglomerations.

Travel by bus and train

If you are traveling individually or in small groups, do not hesitate to take buses or trains. Choose long distance buses (comfortable) or upper classes in trains.

Travel with AIH

With Active India Holidays (AIH), we use most sophisticated and comfortable vehicles. Depending upon the number of participants travelling, vehicle is booked.

Starting from Swift Dzire/Indigo ,Suv – Inn ova , Tempo traveller and Minibus

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