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Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Being a vibrant and diverse country with each state featuring a different culture, tradition, language, and lifestyle, each region of India has its own regional cuisine based on the available seasonal produce, livestock, culture influence, and religious aspect. The products coming from the vegetable gardens often close to the cities remain very fresh. The dishes reflect the religious diversity of the country. Hindus respect the cow: they do not eat beef.

Pork is forbidden for Muslims: the meat is not on the menu. Finally Buddhists and Jains respect all forms of life. As a result, vegetarian cuisine occupies a prominent place. Lovers of meat dishes can enjoy chicken, lamb, mutton and to a lesser extent goat. The coastal areas offer tasty fish dishes. As for the spices, the more one moves towards the south, the more they increase.


 Rice is the staple food here and is served in large quantity. Cooked naturally or with spices, it is unavoidable.


 Indian food is appreciated for its curies. Under its generic name, is hidden a skillful blend, specific to each cook. Cumin, cardamom, coriander seeds, garam masala, ginger, cayenne pepper, tamarind, turmeric, saffron, paprika… all tastes adroitly blended to make tasty marinades.


Tandoor is a special oven made up of clay, used widely in North India, particularly in Punjab. Each family owns an oven of this type. We use it for baking bread (naan or chapatti), chicken, and lamb, and even fish.

Meat (tandoori chicken, lamb, fish) is well coated with yogurt, mixed with spice powder, marinated one night before being cooked in the tandoor. Tandoori can be served with refreshing dishes, yogurt or coconut milk.


Bread(chapatis) is prepared with variety of different flours such as maida, wheat and besan… cooked in pan, oven, tandoor or even fried, it occupies a imminent position in Indian cuisines, almost equal to rice.


Considered as an integral part of every Indian cuisine, Dal can be cooked with sixty types of different vegetables. It’s the most preferred and lovable dish of Indians. With rice, it is the most popular dish: dhal baht, rice and lentils. It is often served in a huge thaali, accompanied with pieces of meat and fish.


Tea, also known as Chai, is an inevitable drink of Indian subcontinent. Often served with a variety of spices, such as fennel, caraway, dill, juniper, citrus, anise, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek, Chai(tea) is a perfect thirst-quenching or surprising drink. It can also be consumed as black tea, more classic but also tastier.


In recent years, a number of breweries have emerged. Served in impressive bottle of 70cl, beer is considered as a luxury beverage(its price much higher than a simple meal), widely consumed by upper-middle classes.

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