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Photo and video in India

Photo and video in India

India, with its light, colours, incredible scenes, delights all the photographers. Prefer compact and light weight equipment. Nowadays, the performance of digital technology has really allowed this ideal compromise of the traveler. A bridge camera with powerful zoom facility allows you to take far away shots with great precision. Video mode also produces remarkable sequences. Get a monopod to stabilize your device if you are fond of making a lot of video.

While the modern digital camera is built to last but it is advised to buy a good quality dustproof and waterproof camera bag to protect. Take a cleaning kit along with you (a blowing bulb proves very useful).

It is often forbidden to film in temples, or you will have to pay a fee. Religious ceremonies cannot be filmed.

Many stores offer to transfer your photos from your memory cards to CDs. We advise you to have memory cards in reserve to carry out this operation quietly on your return.

Batteries are readily available in all major urban centers. However, most of the Indians use their smartphones to take pictures. Take at least one spare battery from France.

And if you wish to follow Indian fashion, selfie stick is totally indispensable!


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