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Visiting India with kids

Visiting India with kids

In India, children are kings, especially boys! Visiting India with kids does not cause any particular problem. The smells, the colors, the sounds, so different from our western world, awakens the senses of even the youngest: an unforgettable experience.

However, when organizing a family holiday in India, we need to take few precautions in order to avoid inconveniences that could disrupt your holiday.


Be careful not to take food from street stalls or make sure that fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed and even peeled. It is easy to order food with bare minimum spices (….)


Journeys to India can become challenging due to the traffic congestion. However, the vehicles we use are new and comfortable. Trains, provided we choose the first class, offer a very good level of comfort. Choose the trip having shorter distances. Few long routes, unavoidable, could be compensated with two night stay in comfortable hotels.

Travel Insurance

Be careful when choosing your travel insurance (assistance & repatriation). In the event of illness or even accidents, according to the region where you are, Indian hospitals do not offer the same level of services as French hospitals.

Regions best suited for children

India is a vast country and some regions will be better suited to children.

With 7500 km of coastline, South India offers beautiful beaches.  Exotic beaches of Goa along with the coasts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are among the most famous.

Wildlife Parks

Many national parks in India are cynosure for children. If they do not have the size of the African parks, their access is much cheaper. Open vehicles (no roof) allows the observation of a varied fauna: antelopes, elephants, rhinoceros, crocodiles and even the tiger of Bengal are found in these parks.

South India

More indolent, less hectic than North India, this region is particularly advised for a trip with children.

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