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The books on India refer to the vastness of India !

Here are some guidelines:

General guides on India

 Lonely Planet has established itself over the years as a reference impossible to circumvent. Several titles dealing with India are published in english.

Specialized Guides

National Geographic Traveler: by Louise Nicholson  (Author)

National Geographic Traveler: India brings the land of sovereignty to every explorer and traveler in exquisite pictures, approachable guide tours, alluring sidebars and important insider tips. Extraordinary tours and not-to-miss lists, for example, a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi or a drive through provincial Mumbai, furnish a cozy impression of everyday life

City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi by William Dalrymple

Sparkling with irrepressible wit, City of Djinns peels back the layers of Delhi's centuries-old history, revealing an extraordinary array of characters along the way-from eunuchs to descendants of great Moguls. With refreshingly open-minded curiosity, William Dalrymple explores the seven "dead" cities of Delhi as well as the eighth city-today's Delhi.

Slowly Down the Ganges by Eric Newby, Wanda Newby

On his forty-fourth birthday Eric Newby, a self-confessed river lover, sets out on a 1200-mile journey down the Ganges River from Hardwar to the Bay of Bengal, accompanied by his wife Wanda. Things do not start smoothly as they run aground 63 times in the first six days, but gradually India's holiest river, The Pure, The Eternal, The Creator of Happiness, lives up to its many names and captures them in its spell.

Wild Wonder of Rajasthan Hardcover by V. D. Sharma (Author)

From the tiger and leopard to several species of deer, from the desert fox to langurs and wild boars, and from endangered birds like the great Indian bustard and the Siberian crane to flamingos, storks and water birds, this book records the natural world of the forests.

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