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Best season to visit India

Best season to visit India

India is a country which can be visited ten months a year. The country always offers places to go according to the chosen period, except the months of May and June that precede the arrival of the monsoon.

When to go, which region

Rajasthan Tour

The best period to visit Rajasthan is during the cool dry season from mid-October to mid-December and mid- January to  end- March. From mid-December to mid-January, many Indian students have their winter holidays, hence the affluence becomes strong at tourist spots. With global warming, northern India is experiencing intense mist in the morning during the months of December and January, which can cause air delays and road disturbances. As of April, temperatures rise very noticeably. From April, the temperature starts rising very significantly.

Western Himalayan Piedmont :  Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul & Spiti) - Uttarkand (Garwhal)

Best time to visit this region is mid-April to mid-June & October. However, the arrival and the end of the summer monsoon, often changing, make forecasts for these regions difficult.

Eastern Himalayan Piedmont

October and November, January and February are considered to be the best months to visit these regions. Though Decembers can be very cold with temperatures as low as -5˚C at night. And you can even experience abundant rainfall.


May to October is the best time to visit this area because of magnificent sunny days but nights can turn a bit chilly. However, on higher treks night-time temperatures can dip below -5°C. From July to September, monsoon rains can cross the Himalayas, causing violent sudden thunderstorms. In recent years, there have been more rainy-stormy events.

North-Eastern territories

March is the best time to visit Kaziranga and its animal parks if you want to watch migratory birds in its green surrounding of forest. Climate will remain below 30°C. Whereas, October is considered as the best time for exploring the surrounding. And December is best for the Hornbill festival of the formidable Nagas warriors.


September to April is the best time to discover this region. The tropical climate of the Deccan implies that it often rains at the end of the day. The monsoon season should be avoided.

South India tour

Kerala is subject to the summer monsoon regime. The ideal time to visit is during the dry season from October to March. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are subject to the winter monsoon regime. Despite this, period from October to March is the best period.

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