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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Before leaving

A trip to India is a real adventure and a discovery in a country of contrasts. As for any adventure, to be fully enjoyed one must prepare himself for all the activities:

In India

Once in India, all your codes will be disrupted by this striking cultural difference. After getting welcomed traditionnaly at the airport by our team, you can discover Indian life,

India in a few words

India: a country of excess. Six times the size of France in terms of area, second largest world population and soon going to be the first. 3700 km of stretch separating Nanda Devi

Arts and Culture

Indian music and dance, painting and sculpture, carpets and textiles of all kinds offer an astonishing artistic blend, with the multiple image of India. In this melting pot of

Indian traditions

A multi-centric civilization, very strongly marked by its various religions and beliefs, India possesses many customs. Each large Indian region, each cultural group has established

Beliefs and Religions in India

Indian Beliefs and religions abound. Hinduism, one of the ancient religions of the world, has given rise to many other faiths. Buddhism is one of the most famous religions. The
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