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The RIiver Retreat

Cochin's former summer palace of Maharajas ,now houses The River Retreat, a 4-star Heritage Ayurvedic Resort.Preserving the spirit of its illustrious part, the palace breathes history in every detail, offering you Ayurvedic rejuvenation and therapies in the ambience of a palace.

Guests can enjoy a range of relaxing treatments and massages that include Purva Karma and Prardhana Karma therapies. A fitness center and ping-pong table are also available.Travel arrangements can be made at the tour desk.


RIVERA: Serene AC indoor seating facing the Nila River.

GREEN FIELD: Enjoy the evening breeze in the open air seating.

WAYALORAM: Tasty foods and drinks.

The River Retreat Heritage Resort is a 3-minute drive from Shornur Junction Railway Station and a 2-hour drive from Cochin International Airport. Free parking is provided.

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