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The Claridges

The Claridges, New Delhi became India's first 5-star hotel in 1952. The hotel exemplifies the glorious heritage of hospitality. Set in an eminent address in Lutyen’s Delhi, the hotel is an important relic in the history of India’s first days as an independent country.

Consisting of a cluster of 132 different rooms and suites, The Claridges, New Delhi, offers you plenty of rooms to choose from. These rooms are adequately equipped with all the facilities you might need, providing an unconventional blend of the elegant architectural style that characterized Britain in the early 19th century and the modern styles of today.The hotel has two sections, the ' old wing ' and the ' wing of the cabana. ' However, the one thing that these two wings have in common is the need to deliver luxury at its best.

The Claridges New Delhi is a historic landmark and an ideal destination for a traveler to enjoy the magnificent past of India, with modern luxuries for guests enjoying a comfortable stay.

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