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Red Earth

The Red Earth is spread over a large area, situated in beautiful surroundings completely untouched by modernization. The Red Earth offers a luxurious stay on Kabini River's backwaters. Sparkling pools of water and charming farmlands add to the beauty of the resort. The resort offers activities like safari for wildlife, bird watching, cycling, trekking and excursions etc.The staff's warm and gracious hospitality exceeds the guests ' expectations when it comes to comfort, world class amenities.

The resort has an on-site restaurant with traditional furniture and exquisite lighting, making dining a highly valued experience. The resort's living spaces have king style rooms and beautiful Kabini backwaters perspectives. Understanding the importance of guest holidays, the resort offers its best in every sense to make the jungle retreat out of the box.

Accommodation: The resort has 20 stylish and spacious cottages for relaxation with private open air jacuzzi. Some cottages are for honeymoon couples only when one cottage has been reserved for physically challenged people by the resort.

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