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Pleasant Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

It is been rated as one of the best restaurant of the town serving exotic flavors of Indian and foreign delicacies. Traditional dishes would surely leave your taste buds with unique test.
The restaurant remains operational throughout the day offering all the meals starting from breakfast till dinner. It not only offers the choice to non-vegetarians but it also has appealing choices for vegetarians. Their menu is a perfect blend of all sensational dishes which satisfy the needs of all types of visitors.
A hypnotizing place from where you can admire the beauty of the astonishing Jaisalmer Fort while enjoying the delicious plates. The place has stunning interiors with the most charming ambience. They have engaged professional chef's whose professionalism would not go unnoticed.

  • Address: Chainpura , Ghandhi chowk, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 345001
  • Phone: 02992 253 254
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