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Leo Resort

Leo Resorts is a famous hotel built in the lap of the Girnar Mountains where visitors arrive and enjoy a natural and historic good holiday. Leo Resort is sprawled in lush green land of 15,000 square meters. This city is an ideal illustration of an eclectic mixture of Western and Traditional society.It is also known as ' Sorath. ‘The hotel is perfectly suited for leisure travelers who can stay here in the midst of the necessary amenities and comfort.

The hotel offers three different types of accommodation rooms:

Deluxe Room: An ideal living space for business and leisure travelers, the Deluxe Rooms overlook a dynamic view of the city, a view of the garden or the pool.

Super Deluxe Rooms: SUPER DELUXE rooms are designed in a modern style. The hotel offers all contemporary and advanced equipment in this SUPER DELUXE class space to provide customers with optimum fulfillment.

Suite Rooms: Suites offer multiple rooms with more space and furnishings than a standard room in the hotel.

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