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Judges Court

The Judge's Court is one of the heritage property that perches at an elevation of 2000 ft. It is considered as one of the refined and elegant country hotels in India.

"The Judge's Court contains 2 parts - the Country Manor designed by Bhandari Ram, and an Ancestral Cottage which is over 300 years old. Though located by the countryside of Pragpur, the hotel finely complements modern and superior facilities, which caters to both leisure and business guests.

The Judge's Court's elegant accommodation contains of ten Double Rooms three of that square measure suites comprehensive of the bungalow within the ancestral yard.Nestling by the snow capped Himalayan mountains, the hotel overlooks the picturesque Kangra Valley.

The Judge's Court is a eco-friendly resort which is surrounded by lush greenery. It has its own farm where fruit, vegetables, wheat, maize and oil seeds are cultivated.It tries to prevent damage to the atmosphere and seeks organic help from all aspects. Milk is another product from their own dairy. Water is drawn from spring.

The Judge's Court is 60 km from Una and Hoshiarpur. If one is arriving by train or flight, pick up facility can be provided with an advance notice of 72 hours.

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