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Hotel Meanamla

Hotel Meanamla, situated in Ravangla, South Sikkim, a small sleepy town at the foot of Meanam Peak, welcomes you to discover South Sikkim and enjoy a special holiday with its splendid accommodation, bar and restaurant, parking facilities and hot Sikkime hospitality.

Hotel Meanamla offers 4 types of room categories:-

  • Deluxe Room: The Deluxe Rooms are some of the interesting room options offered to guests. With its expansive views and stunning décor, these rooms exude elegance and warmth.

  • Super Deluxe Room: The Super Deluxe Rooms provide comfortable warmth and scenic views surrounding hills coupled with our round the clock room service and all modern facilities.

  • Suite Room: Suite Room provides a peaceful stay. Well-maintained lawns near the rooms enhance the quality of the stay.

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