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Deogarh Mahal

Deogarh Mahal is a heritage hotel made by a Deogarh family. The family is personally associated with the property so to give a home like feel to every guest who visits them. They have created a benchmark from last few years to offer royal heritage hospitality in Rajasthan. Every guest is special and treated with the customary Mewari hospitality.

The hotel has 50 Rooms (3 Royal Suites, 2 Studio Suites, 23 Deluxe Suites and 22 Deluxe Rooms). Each room is equipped with comfortable bedding and all other modern amenities. The old architectural style of the building gives an outlook of golden era with an ambience of the past.

The food is with the flavors of typical Mewari cuisine served with traditional hospitality. The hotel offers delicious seasonal jams and juices made from fruits grown on the outskirts of Mahal. Gala evenings that feature folk music and dances.

The Mahal comprise of many other facilities like swimming pool and Jacuzzi – A swimming pool with a heated Jacuzzi and Ayurvedic Massage where a special team from Kerala is available to provide relaxing therapeutic Ayurvedic massage.

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