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Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi Dhani has been brought in existence for showcasing the different aspects of the Rajasthani culture. It welcomes all the foreign and domestic visitors to experience the rural life. It comprises of the Rajasthani villages, paintings, Bani Thani art, wall decorations, Dipak wall, evening performances, the 'manuhar' (a delicate request to eat till your heart’s desire) and colourful traditions & costumes of Rajasthan. Our aim is to conserve and promote the traditional Rajasthani village culture and allowing the modern generation to get connected to the roots of our land.
The moment you enter the place you will be received with smiling faces. Different avenues of dining based on different prices:

Sangri- Dining Hall Sangri is a renowned dining hall in Chowki Dhani for its delicious mouthwatering authentic Rajasthani cuisine, served to you on exotic leaf platter in the tradition of Manuhaar. You will cherish this experience for a long time.

Chaupad - Dining Hall This dining hall is famous for its shape - Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. Chaupad is an old game of Royal families in India which is now known as Ludo, having four straight paths joint in center area. It has four straight rows meeting at center. The sitting capacity is 20 persons in each row where you will be served with best Rajasthani food like Batis sunk into pure ghee with Choorma eaten by everyone in Rajasthan.

Gorbandh- Open Air Dining The traditional town of Rajasthan is known for their royal cuisines. Gorband which is an open area dining in a semi round shape ground. The mesmerizing cuisine made in fresh ghee famous for its mouth- watering Rajasthan's tastiest curries, pulses or gram flour accompanied with Dry fruits, spices and yogurt add magic in the food. This place is especially famous for its traditional food “dal baati and churma or missi roti” which is most delicious food of Rajasthan.

Royal Fine Dining This dining hall will give you a royal feel like a king as the place has a rich ambience where delicious Rajasthani food is often served in silverware cutlery along with traditional dance and music performances.

  • Address: 12 Miles Tonk Road, Via Vatika, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303905
  • Phone: 0141 516 5000
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