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Bhanwar Singh Palace

Bhanwar Singh Palace is located on Ajmer-Pushkar By Pass Road which is a hilly area. It is widely spread. The Royal Ambience of the property will take away your breath as it is all the Rajasthani architecture and the food served was of good quality.

Bhanwar Singh Palace offers modern spacious and luxurious rooms boasting amicable garden and a view of Arrivals Mountains including 44 Royal villa and 76 Royal rooms.

All worries, stress and exhaustion come into the blue inviting water overlooking the palm-fringed meadows and our Ayurvedic Spa includes Yoga & Meditation, Jacuzzi and Steam rooms.

The luxurious decor and attentive staff at our Pushkar restaurant together with Indians, Chinese and Eastern and Continental Cuisines makes it unique. We serve delicious cocktails, the best champagnes and some of the best available cognacs.

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