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Anuraga Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel

Anuraga Palace reinvents one of oldest hotels in Ranthambore, and transforms it into one of the finest luxurious Palace resorts, while preserving its ancient heritage at the same time. This sprawling hotel, decorated in the pristine white a traditional architectural style of Rajasthani haveli, offers the best of modern amenities for leisure and business travelers.

Anuraga Palace has 44 rooms 2 Juinior Suites and 4 Plush Thematic suites, overlooking verdant green lawns, and equipped with all the amenities for conferences, weddings or the intrepid tourist, making it one of the most comfortable resorts in Ranthambore.

Anuraga Palace promises a memorable time for everyone, from spectacular jungle adventures, private retreats, exciting conferences and banquets. If you want to experience the perfect blend of wilderness and luxury, then step into the magical world of history, culture and tradition at Ranthambore. An experience beyond words is truly what Anuraga delivers.

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