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Alchi Resort

Alchi Resort is located in Alchi Village's heart, in the Alchi Monastery neighbourhood. Unlike the other monasteries in Ladakh, which are located on a hill top, Alchi Choskhor resides on a flat river bank.

The Alchi Resort provides 22 well-equipped,and modern rooms. Hotel rooms are split into Single Deluxe, Deluxe Double and Suite rooms. All of these rooms in hotel heating facilities such as LCD satellite TV, international dialing telephone, internet access, and an attached bathroom with running hot and cold water supply. The hotel serves Ladakhi, Kashmiri Wazwan, Indian, and Chinese & Continental Food Served.

Our guests can enjoy views of Alchi Monastery and rocky cliffs on Indus River's opposite bank, one of India's seven most sacred rivers and one of Asia's longest rivers. It comes from close Tibet's Manasarovar Lake crossing Ladakh and Pakistan to lastly reach the Arab Sea.Unfortunately, during the tourist season; its waters stay muddy in the summer and demonstrate off their golden green beauty in the warmer months beginning in September.

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