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What is camping

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays in a shelter away from home, such as a tent. Camping describes a variety of outdoor accommodation activities and approaches.

Types of camping Although camping is a single activity, there are various ways to enjoy it.The following are some of the types of camping most common among the campers these days:

Tent Camping Camper or RV Camping Cabin Camping Backpacking Camping Pack Animal Camping Pop-up Trailer Camping Motorcycle Camping Glamorous camping (Glamping)

Camping requirements

Camping requirements depend on the type of camping experience that you want. With minimal equipment, backpackers or survival campers live outdoors. They only carry the essential elements like basic lighting equipment, basic food and a sleeping bag.

However, there are other people who do not like to rough it out. They just enjoy nature and prefer to do it in the comfort of their motor homes (recreational vehicles) or by hiring cabins with all the modern amenities in them. Commonly used camping gears are: tents, solar cell phones, camp fire equipment, flash lights, multi-purpose pocket knives, cookers, all shoes on the ground, and extra warm clothing.

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