Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)

The historical city of Tiruchirappalli, also known as Tiruchi or Trichy, lies on the bank of the river cauvery. It is a true epitome of fusion of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. It is believed that it was the capital of the early Cholas during the 3rd century BC. It had been under the control of different dynasties from Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Pandyas, Delhi Sultanate and Vijayanagar. Finally it was brought to prominence by Nayaks who made it a capital in the 17th century. And the construction of famous Rock Fort Temple added feather ti it glory.

Apart from the fort there are several churches, colleges and missions dating back to the 1760s. with its excellent infrastructural facilities and comfortable transportation, it has become a destination indispensable.

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