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Modern town of Chennai assumed the present shape which it has now during the time of Governor Macartney (1781-1785). Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is located on the Coromandal cost of the Bay of Bengal. Different elements of the heights variety of the Dravidian civilization are being represented by the town which has played a very crucial role in the traditional, historical and academic growth of the country. Growth of leading industries including automobile , software services, petrochemical, financial services, textiles and hardware manufacturing have led the boom in the economy. Also, Chennai being an important metropolitan city is very well-connected to all the major cities of India as well as with the countries overseas. And, it is also considered as the cultural hub of South India which is famous for the affluent heritage in classical dance, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts etc. Given below are some of the very interesting facts and figures about Chennai.

The city is dotted with various temples, beaches and centers of historical and cultural significance, including the UNESCO Heritage Site of Mahabalipuram. It serves as the gateway to the southern part of India as most of the tourists prefer to start their trip from here to the rest of the region. Chennai was the most visited Indian city by Foreign tourists in 2009 ans issued the third highest number if Visas on arrival in 2014.

It is also home to many museums, galleries and other institution, many of which are free of admission charges and are major tourist attractions as well as playing a research role. The City is also a host to one of the oldest Museum and Art Gallery in the country-Government Museum, Chennai and the National Art Galler, established in the early 18th century. Two arts festivals are hosted annually for boosting culture. A noteworthy collection of objects of the British era are beautifully displayed in the "Fort Museum", situated inside the premises of Fort St. George. The first flag of India hoisted at Fort St George after the declaration of India's Independence on 15 August 1947 has been preserved in the museum.

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