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Kuldhara Village

The village Kuldhara was formed by a Paliwal person named Kuldhara and on his name the village is known as Kuldhara. The village is now abondand and behind this there were so many stories in the air among these a very popular and strong one is that… Deewan of that time Salim Singh was very rude and tourturing, personality to get of all this the villagers of 84 villages near by Kuldhara took bitter decision to leave the place on a particular day and they did it and left the place all together. Because of all this the village is now abondand but its the village is also known for its architecture and water conversation techniques. The magsase award winner Mr. Rajendra Singh also put efforts to adopt the water conservation techniques of this village because its an example of better water conservation techniques. The village was having 5000 population and there was only one temple which shows that there was a uniformity in the vision and where is a uniformity there is a way of Success.

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