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Junagarh Fort

This was constructed by Raja Rai Singh between the years of 1589-1594 AD and it is surrounded by a wall with two entrance gates. 'Suraj Pole' is the main gate. Among the places of interest are Chandra Mahal, with paintings, mirrors and curved marble panels. The Phool Mahal is decorated with glass and mirrors. The Karan Mahal was built to commemorate a notable victory over The Mughal Aurangzeb.

The Anoop Mahal is famous for it's gold leaf painting. Other palaces wroth visiting are the Dungar Niwas, Ganga Niwas, Gaj Mandir, Rang Mahal, Bijai Mahal, Gigantic columns, imposing arches and graceful scenes, minarets and pavilions, in fact, make it worth a repeat visit. Karan Pol , Doulat Pole and Fateh Pole are the gates built by Maharaja Karan Singh in 1632 AD and inside the fort a tank was built by Maharaja Suraj Singh. Singh pole gate and Dev Vilas Palace were built Maharaja Dungar Singh in 1887 AD.

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