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Wildlife SOS Tour

Agra bear rescue centre is situated in Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Keetam, Agra on the main Delhi-Agra road which is 16 km before Agra and 12 km before Sikandra Fort. Wildlife SOS has started a notion to preserve and shelter India’s natural heritage, forests and wildlife property of Agra. This organisation is mainly targeted towards the preservation of ‘dancing bears’ but it also work on projects of leopards, elephants, reptiles and other animals. They are also targeted towards protecting environment and biodiversity conservation and reducing the carbon usage. Till now they have rescued “600 Dancing Bears” and safeguard Black bear known as Moon Bear. They have done an ample amount of anti-poaching work on bears across the country. The Agra Bear Rescue facility now welcomes visitors. They have just completed the one and only Education Conservation Walkway in India. So it’s a nice chance to grab and visit the conserved bears in India.

Timing: The centre is open 7 days a week during daylight hours sunrise to sunset.

Note: This activity takes approximate 2 hrs

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