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The Jodhpur City Tour on Cycle

Get a unique experience of cycling through the pathways of the local streets of the blue city. The tour will give you a glimpse of city from the golden age to this modern age showcasing different faces of town such as the Blue city, The Sun City and The Walled City. This tour is the best way to experience the life of local people of the blue city. You will get a chance to visit the historical landmarks, monuments and sacred spots of the city. The tour is a perfect blend of the stories of the historical royalties of the kingdom and the lifestyle of the kings from the bygone period of ‘Ramayana’ to the modern times. Get a chance to stop at authentic local restaurants and food stalls to experience the mouthwatering “Marwari Cuisine”. Our guide will also take you to numerous ‘Step wells’ and ‘Jhalra’ giving them a beautiful backdrop of the historical land.

NOTE: Approximate 2 hrs are needed for this activity

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