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Cultural Evening Of Kathakali Dance Performance

India is known as a hub of classical & traditional dances and music drama forms. Kathakali is titled as one of the most popular dance form in Kerala which is been performed from ages used to demonstrate their culture in front of the world. It is started from 17th century; the dance-drama requires excessive movements, heavy makeup and flashy and bombastic costume. You will able to meet the artists in there glittering costumes and makeup as performing there classic dance in most dynamic style. It is the best classical art form in India which is spectacle by large number of visitors from inside and outside the country. The artists act the whole dance through gestures and expressions depicting the whole story theme through there firm and strong emotions. The dance demonstrates stories of both golden era period of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the performance is incredibly beautiful, extremely graceful and electrifying in execution.

Show itinerary
The tour will start as the driver will pick you from the hotel and take you to the fascinating Kathakali performance. It is a unique art form which envelope all the emotions and feelings of the old age period in a most exclusive style by the traditional performing artists. The artists perform the whole story beautifully that it will make you feel that you are experiencing the same emotions which they are acting. The artists look exceptionally alluring by wearing flaunting dress code and makeup. They all have a unique body movements and footwork. Highlights of this tour that you will get to see the artistes preparing for the performance and wearing up their extravagant make up and masks which is as captivating as the performance! After the show, you will be dropped back to your hotel where the tour ends.

Duration: 4 hours

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