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A Life-Time Experience With Elephants

It is an exclusive Elephant tour where the humans befriend with the most amicable animals on the whole planet. You will be driven to Elephant Village in Jaipur where you will be familiarized with elephants and their owners. You will receive a warm and tender interaction with elephants while strolling the dense forests. You will be indulged in many entertaining activities like washing the elephants as they love bathing, feeding and playing with them. The tour will provide you with a very personalized and life time experience. The last task would be painting the elephants from natural colors which are made by the owners which do not harm elephants in any way. At the end take an adventurous ride on the elephant back.

The highlights of the tour are-
 to wash an elephant in a pool
 Meet and greet the elephant
 feed the elephants
 Paint and decorate them with natural colors
 Enjoy the back riding of an elephant

NOTE: You need approximate 3 hrs for this activity

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