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A Culinary Experience In The Evening

You will be taken on a gastronomy tour of hands-on cooking where you will be offered with cultural cooking classes and culinary workshops. We offer our guests with an opportunity to cook, create, crave and cherish food as we had a strong belief that anyone can cook. If a traveler or a visitor wants to explore the different dimensions of a culture they should always start from experiencing the local exotic cuisine of that region. The experience will not only lead you to taste the exotic local food but also give you guidance how to cook. The objective of this culinary tour is to get you well acquainted with the Authentic Indian Home & Kitchen cooking and providing a glimpse of culinary & cultural heritage of India. Our signature Cultural Cooking Class offers a cultural experience for travelers to get a gist of India’s food heritage. This wonderful experience is bliss for all who has a sound interest into culinary technique of Indian food and want enhance their knowledge about Indian life & culture.

All Experiences are exclusively designed to boost maximum participation by the visitors and hands-on experience:
• Share the love for local cultural food
• Create unforgettable memories that you will cherish lifetime

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