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A Bamboo Rafting Experience

Bamboo Rafting is one the must do activity in Thekkady, Periyar tiger reserve. It is a very thrilling, eco-friendly, entertainment activity for the ecologists.
In the bamboo rafting activity various bamboo sticks are tied together very tightly to form a canoe. The bamboo raft is a very safe and strong to carry large number of people carefully. The Periyar Tiger Reserve will offer you with a special full day Bamboo Rafting program which stretches from morning till late afternoon.
Bamboo rafting is an specialized full day program from morning 8AM to 5PM. Each boat carries approx. 10 people on a boat which is equipped with an armed forest guard and four guides. All the forest guides are somewhere associated with the tribal communities from a long passage of time, who are familiar with every aspect of these dense lush green forests. The tour will starts from the Periyar tiger reserve than taken to the thick dense forests through a bamboo raft. The tour is of the richest and most diverse bio-diversity in the Western Ghats, one can get a magnificent view of forest-clad hills and the majestic lake. You will get to encounter many wild animals in the reserve like elephant, gaur and sambar on the sides of lake.

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