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The Quilon Beach Hotel

The Quilon Beach Hotel is a 5-star resort property located right on the Kollam Beach. The Beach Hotel offers you world-class facilities and service by the professional hospitable team who provide value for money products to all the guests that chooses their property as a holiday destination.

The Motto is making difference in the lives of people by their premium hospitality services that have chosen Quilon Beach Hotel as a place to spend their holidays.

The rooms are categorized into:

Honeymoon Suite: An elegant circular bed and hedonistic bathroom

Royal Suite: An Ultimate Luxury Suite offers a Panoramic View of Arabian Sea, Sea Port, Light House and Harbour.

Executive Suite Rooms: A business class suite with the view of lush green, the Golden Sky and the Blue Sea.

Premium Rooms: A premium room view of the Arabian Sea and The Spice Route

Deluxe Rooms: A decorated room with view of The Beach, The Park, The Sunrise and Rich Greenery

The best dining experience had been provided by the skilled staff and local chefs in Black Gold Café offers the finest Multi Indian Cuisine in Kollam with a breathtaking view of Arabian Sea and Marco Polo Bar offers finest blend of cocktails and imported drinks.

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