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The Mirage

The Mirage is a multi-function residency hosting travellers, yoga groups and artist/acting workshops. The Mirage is a cluster of traditional Himachali mud houses which have lovingly been restored to an inviting homestay with fully modern amenities.

There are three types of accommodations available in Mirage.

MAIN HOUSE: Set amongst dense foliage in the artists colony of Andretta, against a backdrop of jungle & bamboo groves of the Shivalik Hills, The Mirage is a veritable museum of hand picked Indian furniture and artefacts.

WHITE HOUSE: The mud walls give the rooms a wonderfully cosy feel and the new en-suite bathrooms ensure a high standard of hygiene.
There are 4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a reading room, a living room & a dining room plus kitchen equipped for morning tea, coffee & hot chocolate. Meals are served in the Main House.

GARDEN COTTAGES: Our new garden cottages, traditionally built from mud bricks & bamboo from our land. They are very cosy and isolated from the rest of the property ensuring lots of privacy.

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