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The Hadoti Palace

The Hadoti Palace is located Opp Ranjit Talkies at Kota Road, Bundi. It is situated in the heart of Bundi giving you an snapshot of the Hadoti culture and traditional customs of the town. It is a colonial architecture construction which is been styled in a medieval look showcasing the beauty of Bundi featuring the beautiful landscapes, comfortable accommodation and luxurious facilities offers an unforgettable experience.

It consists of 43 elegantly appointed luxurious Rooms Including 7 Suites with a splendid view of Taragarh fort.

The Taragarh Restaurant is the main restaurant offering mainly Indian & Rajasthani Cuisine, with some selective Continental & Chinese dishes by the local chefs of the region. The main ingredients are procured locally to ensure freshness of both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian dishes. The dinner can also be served by organising a bon-fire along the pool side so that the guest enjoys the comfortable and cosy ambience of the place.

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