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Landmark Woods Kaziranga

Land Wood Kaziranga is a 4 star property located among the rich green forest between Burrapahar and Bagori range of Kaziranga National Park which is just 4 hours away from Guwahati.

The journey for this property will introduce you to a new different world where nature’s tranquility overcomes the superficial materialistic lifestyle. You will be encountered with high hills and dense jungle which showcases a magnificent and pronominal view of endangered species in their natural habitat.

It comprises of 25 well equipped luxury rooms of same category with a captivated dazzling view from room’s offers picturesque beauty of nature that gets fixed in one’s memory for lifetime.

They organizes many outdoor activities for tourist excursion such as Boating, fishing, pool games, biking, barbeque, bird watching treks, tea garden visits, day trips to Ahom ruins village tours and adventurous activities such as Bird Watching Treks, Early Morning Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Village Tour, Majuli River Island Tour Packages and Tour Packages to explore Ahom Kingdom of Assam.

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