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Kanan Beach Resort

Kanan Beach Resort-Kerala, the real and homely Ayurvedic beach resort in God's own Kerala in southern Kasaragod district, is located between Bekal beach and Nileshwar beach. Kerala, located in southern India, is known worldwide for its picturesque greenery nature.

The resort has beautifully preserved the natural surroundings of the beach, large seaside stretch, estuary and coconut grooves, despite all the modern and sophisticated conveniences.

The management caters to the relationship and the bonding they develop with the guests. Unique recreations like sea or river fishing and folk performances are organized for discerning travelers.

Theyyam is the divine and ritual form of dance that is the most attractive feature of the Kasaragod district. Canopied by trees and shimmered by flowing waves, the resort casts a divine bliss on the residents.

Staff, though with a French touch, is traditional and courteous.Away from the hustle bustle of the township, one finds solace in gliding of boats by the backwater and golden beaches.

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