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Jhira Bagh Palace

Jhira Bagh Place is a divine heritage property built by Maharaja Anand Rao Puar III of Dhar which stands strong for about more than 50 years of glory in the heart of the Malwa Plateau, in West Madhya Pradesh. It has a beautiful architecture of the Malwa Plateau- grand which is been carried down through generations with utmost care.

It consists of lavish opulent suites and palatial deluxe suites decorated with ancient handicrafts contrast with huge state-of-the-art bathrooms, silk sofas and four poster beds offering a pronominal view from the private balcony. This palace through an aura of royalty and grandeur over the visitors and witnesses them with an elegant historical era of that period. Explore the offbeat attractions of Malwa countryside with an cultural and traditional past experience where the palace delivers a modern world-class stay facilities and exceptional hospitality opening the golden gate of time-travel which enriches your memories of the royal vacation.

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