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Ishwari Niwas

"Ishwari Niwas Heritage Resort is a symbol of Hada heritage and ethnic culture. The luxury resort has a character that represents Bundi, Rajasthan's heritage. Find the royal hospitality in a homely atmosphere.

Ishwari Niwas Heritage Haveli is a traditional house. There are 24 spacious rooms around a courtyard. The rooms have a rustic charm with modern luxuries. The decor of the haveli is a traditional Bundi style. Spend your evening sitting around the paintings in the haveli are of Bundi style.

Authentic Rajasthani food is on offer. Bundi enjoys a prominent history with food specialties of Rajasthan. Relish a delicious vegetarian platter. Spices, traditional cooking methods and a huge dish, food are one of the pleasures of your stay at the heritage hotel in Bundi.

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