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Ganga Lahari Hotel

The Ganga Lahari Hotel is located on the holy banks of the Ganges in Haridwar. Ideally located near "Har ki Pari", the ghat on which a bath can cleanse a soul from all its earthen trappings. The hotel offers an enchanting and convenient place to stay for pilgrims and tourists visiting Haridwar.

The hotel has 16 luxurious Ganga rooms and suites featuring traditional Indian furnishings and fabrics that will surely enchant you and make you stay at Ganga Lahari Hotel whenever you plan to visit Haridwar. Our multi-cuisine Annapurna restaurant, which serves a fine selection of local vegetarian dishes, will take you on a culinary journey, while our exclusive offer will complement your stay in Haridwar.

The perfect location with magnetizing views of the sanctified Ghat and the river compels guests to plan their stay at the Ganga Lahari Hotel.

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