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Elgin Mount Pandim

The Elgin Mount Pandim provides a unique and personal tryst with the Himalayas. Located in eight acres of forest and landscaped gardens, it revokes the charm of the old world created by its first owners-the royal family of Sikkim and offers a quiet retreat about one hundred and fifty kilometers from Siliguri, with a glorious view of the Singalila range.

The bedrooms are set in a greenery atmosphere in the heart of Pemayangtse. With a beautiful view from the windows, each of the 30 rooms overlooks the Singalila range. Each room is different with subtle, tasteful colors to display the design elements surrounding the royalty of the past.


DELUXE SUITES: The suites have an exquisitely appointed bedroom and an adjoining living room.These rooms are elegantly furnished with the flooring of Burma teak and have king beds.

DELUXE DOUBLE: Most of the 30 deluxe rooms offer a view of the garden and the Himalayas. These rooms are elegantly decorated with Burma teak flooring and have king beds.

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