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Clarks Inn Suites

Clarks Inn Suites Gwalior is a contemporary and modern hotel. This is the product you've been missing so far in Gwalior City. Built near Gwalior Fort & along with the International Standards lines. It is a hotel that will fulfill all expectations of all kind of Domestic & International Traveller.

This is the hotel where you can enjoy all kinds of modern facilities. In easy words, this is a four star hotel which provides you the five star amenities & services.All rooms in the hotel are fitted with a kettle. At Clarks Inn Suites Gwalior, the rooms have air conditioning and a private bathroom. The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and a concierge service.

The seating is innovatively designed considering the level of comfort for dining and interaction with their folk. The quality services at Clarks Inn Suites it a perfect place for family and social gatherings and parties.

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