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Chidambara Vilas

Chidambara Vilas is a 110 year old heritage Chettiar home located in Pudukkottai district, Tamil Nadu. It creates an authentic experience by showcasing the luxurious Chettinad lifestyles of the ancient decades. It will give you an elite Chettinad feel of sights, sounds, culture, tradition, architecture, furniture and the world famous Chettinad cuisine.
It had total 25 rooms in two varieties Heritage double room and Heritage twin room which showcase vintage features of poster wooden carved beds and curtains with private balcony that overlook the beautiful landscape. The famous ‘Athangudi’ tiles are been used to complete the picture with wooden panelling and beamed roofing.
It provides world famous Chettinad local cuisine through three unique dining experiences at Chidambara Vilas – Interactive, Experiential and Fine Dining. Get indulge in various customized indoor activities such as making authentic Chettinad cuisine through cookery classes by local chefs as well as participate in designing colourful auspicious ‘Kolam’ and mehendi with locals.

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