Holidays in India: Successful trip to Rajasthan - Active India Holidays
Holidays in India: Successful trip to Rajasthan

Holidays in India: Successful trip to Rajasthan

Mar 06 2017

A trip to Rajasthan is an excellent approach to Indian culture. Hinduism, Islam and Jainism profoundly mark the culture of the largest state of India (10% of total area of India).

In order to explore the main sites of Rajasthan, the ideal trip would be of three weeks. In two weeks you will have to make a difficult choice: to go to Jaisalmer but not to go till Udaipur and to join Delhi via Ajmer. Or from Bikaner, descend directly to Udaipur, to go back towards Ranthambore.

Sketch of a 3-week itinerary in Rajasthan

Here is an example of a complete three weeks trip that allows you to discover the main treasures of Rajasthan:

1- From Delhi, join Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The palace of the winds and the giant Amber fort deserve at least one day, or even more.

2- The region of Shekhawati famous for its Haveli (vast houses of rich merchants beautifully decorated) is famous for architectural beauty.

3- In Bikaner, city of red sandstone, the beautiful Junagarh fort reminds us of a glorious past.

4- More towards the west, facing the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer with its old town, lake and high walls invites you to stroll at dusk in its labyrinth of alleys.

5- Jodhpur, the blue city dominated by the citadel of Mehrangarh, houses a remarkable bazaar.

6- Nestled in the verdant Aravalli Mountains, the Jain Ranakpur Complex, built of white marble, features temples with astonishing sculptures.

7- Udaipur the white city, with its immense lake, its imposing palace, its animated bazaars will leave you spellbound.

8- While heading north, do not miss the immense fortified city of Chittorgarh, or Bundi. (the beautiful houses of blue color).

9- Ranthambore, one of the national parks having variety of flora and fauna in India, will possibly offers you an opportunity to spot tiger of Bengal.

10- Ultimate stop of your trip: Agra and the Taj Mahal, unique architecture. By including this marvelous, trip would be completed in 18 days

So many places, forts and monuments to be discovered that adorns Rajasthan and makes it most popular destination among the tourists.

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