The Indian currency

Indian currency is the rupee that is found mostly in the form of banknotes. Its origin dates back to the 16th century, under the reign of the Mughal emperors.

One rupee is divided into hundred paisa. You will find currency of 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 2000 rupees

The exchange rate is 1 € = 70 INR.

Do not hesitate to bring Euros / USD/Pounds with you, but change them at the hotel or exchange offices rather than at the airport, the exchange rate is often more interesting.

The simplest: withdraw rupees at ATMs present even in small villages. The use of the bank card has become widespread and you can easily pay in tourist shops, hotels and restaurants by credit card.

Budget foreseen

Touristic restaurants: consider a budget of 8 to 12 euros per person for each meal. Local or popular restaurants: we can eat very well for 5 euros per meal. Be careful, the price of alcoholic beverages (beers) quickly makes the bill heavy.