Coming to India

Most of the international airlines serve India. You have choice between some direct flights landing at Delhi and other international airport of India.

Name of cities in India

Many people continue to call Indian cities by the name attributed to them during the colonial period. However, since independence in 1947, many cities have regained their original names

and the process is still perpetuated today.

Some famous examples:

  • Calcutta = Kolkata
  • Bombai = Mumbai
  • Cochin = Kochi
  • Madras = Chennai

While the others are more exotic !

  • Trivandrum = Thiruvananthapuram
  • Ahmedabad = Karnavati

There are a number of cities having international airports: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai.

E-visa is obtained at these airports.

Low cost flights

A number of private companies have emerged, offering competitive rates for domestic flights. Their service is often excellent; they operate on technologically advanced aircrafts and well-trained pilots. In the summer season, the price of flights to Leh in Ladakh increases by leaps and bounds.

Land side border crossing

In case you arrive in India by land you must obtain your visa before your departure. The border frontier check-post, for the time being, is not entitled to issue the E-tourist visa.