Arts and Culture

Indian music and dance, painting and sculpture, carpets and textiles of all kinds offer an astonishing artistic blend, with the multiple image of India. In this melting pot of Asian civilizations, the Greek, Persian and Mongol influences, mixed with the different religions and philosophical concepts, contributed to a cultural blossoming that was nowhere else equaled.

Bollywood, the Indian counterpart of Hollywood, works largely for the maintenance and artistic diffusion. Here the actors, in order to claim fame, must be above all skilled singers, even dancers if need be.

The art of Indian miniatures, typical of Rajasthan, demonstrates the undeniable influence of Persian culture.Further to the south, Dravidian art shows itself in all its splendor in the crafted architecture of the temples. One must also learn to admire hand-woven Kashmir carpets, and the splendid shimmering textiles of Madras.